Mindy Kuth

Founder and Director
Mindy has over 15 years of experience addressing sustainability challenges, developing strategic assessments, and conducting market research in the business and social enterprise sectors. Mindy works with clients in both the United States and Mexico to clarify their unique value proposition, identify market opportunities, and build organizational capacity to manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

As an experienced facilitator accustomed to working with multi-cultural teams, she works in both English and Spanish and uses quantitative and qualitative research to address complex sustainability and organizational challenges.

Mindy is a GBCI Sustainability Excellence Professional (SEP) and has an MBA in Sustainable Business Practices from Duquesne University.


Be a catalyst for companies and social enterprises to innovate, reduce costs, engage deeply with customers and employees, identify new market opportunities and build brand loyalty.


Create connections that inspire, impact and improve environmental, societal and economic progress.

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